Nutritional consultation

Meant for your body!

Putting together a meal plan takes place in the form of consultation. Immediate conversation is the best way for you to learn how to ensure a healthier diet. A detailed plan on paper is sure to help you achieve short-term goals, however, in order to get a long-term result, you need to acquire the principles of healthy nutrition and know what the right choice for your body in every situation is. In the course of the consultation, you will get answers to your questions and we will try to find solutions to your problems. Before our first meeting, be sure to write down all the food and drinks that you consumed during the week. By analysing your food diary, I will get a better picture of your eating habits which will then form the basis for putting together the new plan.

I will help you achieve desired results!

What I value most in my work is offering the entire package: meaningful and informed training, and knowledge of healthy nutrition.