Training plan

Specially for you

When putting together a training plan, I consider each person’s individual capabilities and background very carefully. I will determine the exercises and the load which support your goal, whether it is losing weight, building muscles or increasing your aerobic capacity. At the same time, I also take into consideration the location of your trainings – home, sports hall or forest trail.
We should meet at least twice in order for me to put together your training plan. Only then can I be sure that you have acquired the correct exercise technique and are ready to train independently. Sometimes it may be necessary to meet more times.

Training plan helps you if you:

  1. wish to train individually but don’t exactly know how;
  2. don’t know which exercises and equipment help you to achieve the desired result;
  3. wish to train at home, outdoors or in another sports club
  4. have trained according to a training plan before but need a new plan for making some progress;
  5. live further away and can’t meet up with your trainer.

I will help you achieve desired results!

What I value most in my work is offering the entire package: meaningful and informed training, and knowledge of healthy nutrition.