personaaltreening_500Personal training

The best way to achieve desired results.

Personal training is the most efficient way of achieving desired results. Regular meetings between the trainer and the customer diversify the entire training process. Every person is different, but as a trainer and based on your background and goal, I can choose the type and load of training that is necessary just for you. I also monitor and correct your exercise technique. That kind of immediate communication supports progressive development.

Personal training is for you if you:

  1. are a beginner in sports and wish to learn the correct exercise technique;
  2. feel that your progress in trainings has slowed down or stopped altogether;
  3. fail to find motivation and wish for someone to keep you on your toes;
  4. have no training buddies and feel that it is hard to train on your own;
  5. wish to develop in different ways but don’t know how to distribute load and choose the right exercises;
  6. would like to participate in diverse training sessions;
  7. don’t know exactly which exercises you should do because of a health problem..

I will help you achieve desired results!

What I value most in my work is offering the entire package: meaningful and informed training, and knowledge of healthy nutrition.